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Ways of Earnings


Brokerage Earning

Earn Brokerage commission from your onboarded clients.


Product Subscription Commission

Earn from Samco’s subscription products purchased by your clients.

Product Subscription Commission
StockBasket Commission

StockBasket Commission

Get a portion of the Subscription Fee paid by your client on their StockBasket purchase. Know more about StockBasket.


Master Partner Program

Refer partners to Samco partner program and earn sharing from the brokerage revenue they generate for lifetime

StockBasket Commission

And Many More Benefits

Get extra benefits from joining Samco’s Business Partnership Program.

Know your Earnings

Calculate your earning potential with the Partner Program.
Use the earning calculator to know how much you could generate for yourself on a monthly and annual basis.

Customer Onboarded
Value-added Subscriptions
Why Become a Samco Business Partner

Why Become a Samco
Business Partner?

  • Low Registration Fee to start your business.
  • Get up to 50% commissions on the Brokerage paid by clients per month.
  • 50% commission on StockPlus & CashPlus subscription products purchased by clients.
  • 40% commission on the annual fee of the StockBaskets purchased by clients.
  • User-Friendly dashboards to track your earnings generated by clients.
  • Panel for communication & marketing purpose to all registered clients.
  • Dedicated & quick customer support for your all queries.
  • Lightning fast trading app, regular research reports for trading & investment, RankMF for mutual funds, StockBasket for long-term stock investment, Brokerage Rs.20/Order & many more for your registered clients.

Who Should Join
Samco Business Partners Program

  • Womenpreneur

    If you are a homemaker & or ex-sales professional, show your "craftwomanship" here. That doesn’t mean men can’t enroll.

  • Finance Wizard

    If the financial domain is your forte, and you have some real love for the markets, then this job is right up your alley.

  • Social Media Maven

    Your powers of great social influence on, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc, can definitely be used here.

  • People Friendly

    A people-friendly person like you (whose personality can move the mass with just words) is needed here, Friend.

  • Business Entrepreneurs

    A Business entrepreneur like you, who wishes to multiply wealth by 10 folds or higher, should bring your know-how here.

  • Professors & lecturers in financial institute

    A pro-market lecturer such as yourself can learn & earn at the same time here.

And if you are none of them, don't worry. We got you covered. You too can be part of the Samco Partner program and start
raking huge margins from onboarded clients.




3.1 Million+


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