Samco Partners - Terms and Conditions

  • You shall not furnish false or misleading quotations, advice or information etc to the clients with a view of inducing him to do business in particular securities/commodities and thus enabling you to earn brokerage.
  • Contract notes and Bills will be issued by Samco securities Ltd. Accounts of the client will be maintained by Samco securities Ltd.
  • For a particular Referring Person, the rate of the incentive should be flat (i.e. not slab based) and a single rate should be applied.
  • Referring partner should not collect any account opening charges or any other charges in favor of Samco's products and services, all money related transactions need to be routed directly to Samco.
  • If any client so referred already exists in the records of Samco, as an existing client or potential client, then such client referral shall not be considered as an eligible referral, and consequently, no referral fees shall be shared.
  • Samco reserves the right to terminate this arrangement or withhold payment of any referral fees if the Referring Person is found to be engaged into any fraudulent or manipulative activity or is involved in the misuse of the company’s proprietary and/or intellectual rights including brand name etc and impose a penalty as Samco may deem fit at the time .
  • Payout amount will be credited in your bank account which you have linked with us every month in the 1st week.
  • If any Referring Person failed to refer and open 10 + clients to Samco securities within 6 months of association with us, Samco holds the right to revoke and revise his sharing.
  • Samco holds the right to change and revoke this Referring Person agreement on the introduction of any new laws from SEBI/exchanges or on the basis of Samco management decision. If for any reason this agreement is found to be contradictory with any rules & Regulations from SEBI/Exchanges, these agreement stands invalid and will cease to exist.
  • The client referred by a partner will get 100% brokerage cashback from the 1st login day of the Samco app and Samco web. Please note partner will not get sharing for the trades places during the brokerage cashback period and the client will not get the free trades benefits apart from 100% brokerage cashback.

Samco Partners’ 3rd Anniversary Bonus - Terms and Conditions:

  • Refer leads from 7th June 2022 and get their accounts activated with at least 1 trade before 30th June 2022.
  • Leads referred between the offer period (7th to 30th June 2022) will be eligible for the incentives payout.
  • Incentives payout shall be credited by 15th July 2022.